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The SureLOK™ MIS 3L is a low profile, percutaneous screw system that features an extended tab tulip with 20mm of controlled rod reduction and a triple lead, proximally tapered thread that greatly enhances screw delivery, reducing fatigue and minimizing operative time without compromising screw purchase. The open tulip design, 30° of rod angulation and rod tip eases rod insertion. The system also offers multiple sleeve options to allow for aggressive tulip manipulation, rod reduction and compression and distraction techniques.

System features:

  • 150mm Extended Tab allows for low profile, MIS percutaneous placement
  • 20mm of controlled reduction
  • Triple Lead Thread allows for efficient screw delivery
  • Aggressive Screw Tip optimizes screw engagement
  • Multiple Extended Tab Security Options provide protection during rod placement
  • Rod Reduction & Compression/Distraction Instrumentation facilitates placement

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