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The Reform® Ti MIS CT System is a low profile (12.7mm), modular, percutaneous screw system that simplifies complex minimally invasive procedures. All instrumentation is either internal or attaches to the top of the tulip, to avoid increasing the size of the surgical incision. Triple lead thread screws, coupled with ¾ Closed Extended Tab Tulips, provide speed and stability during insertion and manipulation. Powerful and precise results directly at the screw-rod interface are achieved via external compression, distraction, and internal rod reduction.

System features:

  • 120mm Integrated Extension Tab features a low-profile outer diameter (12.7mm), allowing for a smaller incision to minimize muscle disruption
  • ¾ Closed Extended Tab Tulip provides stability during insertion and manipulation
  • Transitional Rod Slot design simplifies rod insertion
  • 20mm of Internal Reduction Threads for controlled rod reduction ─ additional 30mm achieved via intuitive instrumentation
  • Triple Lead Thread allows for efficient screw delivery and reduces fatigue
  • Minimally Tapered Thread allows for efficient screw delivery and reduces fatigue
  • Self Starting, Aggressive Screw Tip optimizes initial bone engagement
  • Enlarged T25 Drive Feature offers improved stability during insertion


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