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anterior lumbar

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The RCS® Anterior Buttress Plate System is designed for temporary use in preventing allograft or autograft extrusion. It is also intended to provide stabilization and augment development of a solid spinal fusion. It is designed for fixation to the anterior portion of the thoracolumbar vertebral body. The construct may be employed alone or with other anterior, anterolateral, or posterior spinal systems made of compatible materials. The system consists of plates and bone screws. All components are made from medical grade titanium or titanium alloy and are supplied clean and non-sterile.

Plate system features:

  • Pre-Lordosed design to match patient anatomy
  • Simple instrumentation for greater ease of implantation


  • Width – 25.6mm
  • Heights – 25 & 30mm
  • Screw Lengths – 20-35mm

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